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Do you want to be recognized as a great leader?

By becoming a manager you have earned the trust of your company, as you now have the true privilege of taking responsibility for others and their well-being. But how do you know that you are doing a good job


Our TrustScore assessment and training program will enlighten you by giving you a unique approach to develop your emotional and rational capacity to build trust with the people you are leading.


2 X Olympian Swimmer

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"As a former athlete, I am always looking for ways of improving and developing myself. The Trust Score was a great way for me to evaluate myself but also to gain insights from others and to understand that the quality of trust can always be improved."

Jennie Johansson

Stop wondering, start growing

Our TrustScore assessment and training program is built using organizational psychology concepts and instructional design principles to provide you with a fast and reliable way to measure and improve the most essential aspect of your leadership: TRUST.

Building trust is a skill and can be developed and nurtured through training. We provide you with powerful tools to assess and improve trust in your professional relationships, which includes the awareness you need to take your leadership to the next level 

Curious to learn more?

Why trust?

Compared with people at low trust companies, people at high-trust companies report :


More energy
at work









Source: Harvard Business Review The Neuroscience of Trust, Paul J. Zak



Get yourself

If you would like to explore our TrustScore product.

Get a first glance at the 
general concept of trust

Assess your

Tendency to Trust Others

Get it all

Trust Score offers a full solution for you and your team. With scientific precision, our TrustScore assessment confidentially gives you answers about trust levels within your team, and a baseline score to improve upon. Then, our engaging online training program educates your team on how trust works, so problems with trust between team members can be identified, and greater trust can be built. 

Get your True Trust Score based on others’ perceptions

Deeper insight about your Tendency to Trust

An extensive Trust Guide on how to build head and heart trust

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Access to the full version of our Online Curriculum

Tools on how to build and restore Trust within your organisation

"Trust is like gravity to me, always present and has an immense impact on my life, but I take it for granted.


Today I understand what influences trust and how I can use it as a skill to improve the quality of my relationships. Thank you for bringing clarity and simplicity to this topic!"

Simon Beyer
Senior Advisor

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"For me, Trust is the number one health indicator in any relationship, both private and professional.


By using Trust Score and the head- and heart framework, I gain valuable insight and can actively work on improving trust in my relationships."

Mikael Jonsson
Head of people & Culture

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"Thanks to Trust Score I became painfully aware that I was only using one component of trust in my leadership. By discovering this through reflection, I now have the tools to further develop my emotional skills in building so I can become more rounded and the leader I want to be."

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Tobias Sjögren

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