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Do you have a culture of trust?

Your organization's leaders are responsible for creating an environment where people can reach their full potential and contribute to your group's success.

But how do you know if your leaders are fostering a culture of trust?

With scientific precision, our TrustScore assessment confidentially gives you answers about trust levels within your organization, each team, and a baseline score to improve upon.


Kristoffer Karlsson
HR Manager

Trust Score Site Portait Circular Kristoffer Karlsson Skuggad.png

“One of our core values is Trust. Having both an overall trust score for us as a company and for each manager is amazing!


To regularly assess our Trust Score and using the head and heart framework really helps us to put trust into practice and improve our trust culture.”

Stop wondering, start growing

Our TrustScore assessment and training program is built using organizational psychology concepts and instructional design principles to provide you with a fast and reliable way to measure and improve the most essential aspect of your organization’s performance: a culture of trust.

If you think leadership is important, start measuring it!

By using our head- and heart framework for trust and our TrustScore assessment you can monitor your organization’s health on all levels. Your overall trust score will give you a true indication of whether or not your leaders are really fostering a culture of trust.

Let the journey begin!


Why trust?

A high trust environment
improves communication, collaboration, execution, innovation, strategy, engagement, excitement, passion, and creativity.

A low trust environment
causes friction, hidden agendas, defensive and protective communication, politics, interpersonal conflicts, and interdepartmental rivalries.


“If you think something is important, you should invest in it and measure it!
All our employees have gone through the training and taken the self assessment to create awareness.

We now measure and monitor the level of Trust in all our teams.”

Mattias Wiking


Trust Score Site Portait Circular Mattias Wiking Skuggad.png

“What a revelation!
Finally I have a way to properly monitor and increase the level of trust in my management team.

We openly talk about head and heart trust – enabling a new, more effective ​and open way of communication within our remote-working team.”

Mattias Borg

CEO and Co-Founder

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