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Do you want to be a trust enabler?


Are you sharing our core belief, that trust is the key indicator of a functional team and organization? Do you want to be a part of our mission enabling leaders to experience and share the power of great leadership?


Join us in improving the quality of people's lives by building trustful relationships on all levels, both professionally and private.

"We are using this trust framework to strengthen our optimal motivation curriculum. I highly appreciate our trustful alliance and our common mission to improve organizational performance through research-based products."

Susan Fowler 
Founder & CEO

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Stop wondering, start growing

Our TrustScore assessment and training program is built using organizational psychology concepts and instructional design principles to provide you with a fast and reliable way to measure and improve the most essential aspect of leadership in your business environment: TRUST.

If you think leadership is important, create a common language for it.

Through our head- and heart trust framework you can be an enabler for any organization to improve the quality of their relationships and build a culture of trust. Our online training can be used at all levels of an organization to create the same mindset and skillset to be able to communicate effectively and contribute to a trustful environment.

Curious to join our movement?

Why trust?

In a 
Employees will likely:​ ​

Recommend their leader and the workplace to another person seeking a job​ ​

Feel a high level of positive affect on the job​ ​

Experience a high level of psychological safety in their work group (i.e., they feel safe to take risk and bring up tough issues)​ ​

Experience high energy & motivation
(high degree of choice, connection and competence at work)​

“Our clients just love to use Trust Score as a health indicator for their companies culture and leadership! It provides them with a key indicator and a baseline to continuously improve their leadership. It is a true privilege being an enabler and helping organizations build a culture of trust.The head- and heart trust framework is a blessing, and we use it as a core part of our leadership training and personal trainer processes.”

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Petra Brohäll


"Trust is a true amplifier of performance. We are proud to be able to provide this high quality trust product to our performance management system, by enabling people to learn and nurture trust."

Jason Arnold

Leadership Director

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